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02:02pm 08/07/2003
mood: artistic
Seilin Kenga--Shaolin Sisters

Hard and cruel, your past play a large part in your
life. You have been hurt and betrayed by frends
and family, and chose to become aloof from the
world. Your friends are loyal and true, but
lacking in number. You are proud and confident,
and desire power and control. You have
accomplished much, but lost much in the
process. Love is an emotion to be scorned; it
has no use, no purpose, but to distract you.
Maybe someday someone will soften your heart...

Anime/Manga. Which Girl Are You Most Like? Ranma 1/2 Planet Ladder Shaolin Sisters Inu Yasha (Pics added)
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01:27pm 08/07/2003
mood: sore
I finally got my report card. -.- Luckily I passed. If I had missed summer school because of the idiots at the school board, I would make them pay.

Anyway. I have to run to Wilkes. I don't really want too, but alas I have too. I need to hand in my SAT scores, so they can put them on file, or whatever. I really hate them, snoody bunch. Just one more year of them, and bang its all over.

I miss all my friends. Madison, Erin, Jamie, Kyla, Nicole S., Rae-Marie, Melody (Even thought she beats me), I even miss some of the cretins of the school.

Sleeping on a couch for more than 3 weeks, really kills my neck. ;.;

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Oh yea..   
09:29pm 07/07/2003
mood: jubilant
So I'm back to being employed! My life feels so fulfilled, all the manga and books I can buy. Then there is the car that I can get. This is almost as good as a turtle sundae. All that caramel, and chocolate, and wet walnut, the peanuts, and the whip-cream... I'm hungry now.

I won't start working til like the end of the month, and I'm only going to be making 4.50 and hour. But I got a job!

Other than that. My day was good. I sweated off like 2 pounds of water weight. Which is not cool, but my Aunt's house is so freaking hot. Found my satin pj-bottoms. And thats about it.

All around goodness, for the moment at least.

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11:51pm 06/07/2003
mood: anxious
Gah. My interview is tommorrow, and I hope I do well. Because, I get
really nervous infornt of people at times. Cross your fingers and
me luck. Lord knows I need it!

What Mythical Female Do You Resemble?

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Other than that the emotional drama has cleared up a bit. And... I still haven't got my report card! Lol.

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Whoah.....Hit me!   
09:04pm 05/07/2003
mood: sad
Yea. So my mom hit me with a real slap in the face. -.- Evidently my 'real' mom wrote me a letter before I was given away. I broke down in ruddy tears. It seemed all day all is play these songs about people loving, and being together. Gahs..Tears all day. Till my brain hurt.

Below in my letter, I am sharing with you. My name was really 'Wendy Jo' before i was adopted.

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I'm so distressed. I mean I put so much hate into this. Now I find out she wrote me a letter. Its horrible.. I now I just want to meet my family. -.-

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4th of July   
09:40pm 04/07/2003
mood: hungry
I was stuck up my Aunt's house, for like half the day. I don't know why I went. I usually have the choice between going or staying. Oh Well.

1.) My little brother fell, and I went to pick him. I like lifted him to high. Mind you I am 5'7 and clearing for the bottom portion of the port is only three inches or so above my head. I acidentally caused him to smack his head. Everybody is laughing and I'm like mortified, that I really hurt him! Awful.

2.) I went swiming while I was there. The ladder got all askew, and they went to fix it. We had to get out of the pool. Being t he lazy American that I am, I was like how? No ladder! I had to hoist myself up, and I nearly killed myself! Hell, it was so freaking embrassing.

Other than it is was okay. I had fun, for a change I was like not bored at all.

My Auntie is getting on my nerves. She complains so much. I mean I try to clean stuff, and no one is around to help me. So I can't find the stuff I need. She comes back with these amazingly rude retorts. Or, I leave a mess in a corner of a room (Where she told me put in the first place), She spazzes. It really sucks. Last but not least, once she leaves the house, she turns off all the fans, and anytime of air cooling unit. What the heck is up with that? Blah....

On my happier note, I'm really looking forward to my interview. First one ever. I hope I can ace it. ^.^ I'm done now.

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01:21am 04/07/2003
mood: ditzy
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My mom laid down the law about the car. ^.^ Guess who is getting more finical backing? ME! hahahahah. Maybe I am evil.

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12:51pm 03/07/2003
mood: happy
I got an interview for a job!!!!! Yea go me... Life is good.
For now at least.

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01:24pm 02/07/2003
  I swear, I haven't got my report card yet. Its really ticking me off. -.- My mom called and they were like we will send it. Its been forever and a day. I would just like to know if I passed or failed! Is that so very hard?

My family is going to do this 'daytrip' thing, for vacation. Its okay, ya know? We go to the same places, cause its liek a family tradition or something. Who wants to break tradition? Its way better than going camping. I hate smacking my head off of everything. I'm like 5'7 and the ceiling is like only 5'5. Its really funny. Until I get a headache. Then there is the bugs. I hate bugs. I think they are diguisting, and if the eco-system didn't need them, I would lead a war against them. Woh-hum!

-.- I'm so bored. There is like nothing on. Except for Growing Pains. I like the show. I even like the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was on it. Hehe. Oh well.

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01:01am 02/07/2003
mood: awake
Guys.. I am so freaking bored.

I need some reading material real bad. Any suggestions?

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10:43pm 30/06/2003
mood: awake
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01:20pm 30/06/2003
mood: amused
I just found out my Sats. I'm happy. Not as bad as last time. ^.^ My Math score still sucks major ass. I think I need a tutor or something.

So.. Ya... I'm like real bored. Nothing to do. I think I am like going to go back to bed. Wake up at 6 just in time for supper. Sounds great.

I'm so happy! Happiness!... Joy to my simple dull world. I'm not even mad at Percy anymore.Oh well. I'm flutter with a flitter.

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Fall off a bridge and hit the all the rocks.   
12:07am 30/06/2003
  That's how I feel. Its been so sucky around here. My Dad is making so much worse.

The way I feel. I could retch on the insides.

My dad acts like he doesn't want me to go to college. This whole car thing, its so fucking retarded. He tells me I have to put a little up for it.. and know how much a Little is? More than half. That totally racks up a lot of money want to buy a decent used car.

I'm so bored. I basically hate my own existince.

On a happier note, I didn't fall in my new shoes. ^.^

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03:20pm 29/06/2003
mood: ditzy
So, I'm trying out this whole Layout thing. Its seems to be okay. I will get better with time. I'm really proud of myself, cause I'm a ditz.

Anyway, Nothing much going on here. Just really bored. I'm going to go call some friends, and scope out some things to do.

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"I am a god" -Reign. A show a really don't like.   
01:55am 27/06/2003
mood: hot
I’m so sick of complaining. I mean I can’t help it! o.o; ‘Cause, if I didn’t complain, I would have to much time on my hands. What’s the point of that? Stick to what your good at. Hehe.
I’m sweating like an over-weight pig! Why? My Aunt refuses to let me use the fan after she goes to bed! What the fuck is up with that? I mean, I’m sweating off pounds. I have to take 3 showers a day. It’s just plain nasty. Why I must suffer like this, only my sub-conscious knows.
Ooo. I hate my dad. My main reason is he lied to me! For the past 3-4 months he said he was buy me a car. Yesterday he is like, no now you have to buy it! I mean what the ‘ell! I’m bringing home a 200-300 paycheck every 2 weeks! I’m unemployed looking for work. The fact that I’m 16 going on 17 (Hums the Sound of Music), doesn’t make jobs readily available for me. He’s a screw head. I hope he rots in the eternal bliss of hell, compliments of the raging inferno. Now I feel better. No not really. I have to get a car, and find a way to pay for it.
All my friends are away. Pity me. Erin is with her sister. Madison and few other people I like is at Wilkes for the summer. I’m home, with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs. I can’t even read, cause my ‘rents refuse to buy me books. Only cause I finish them in 2-3 days, and ask for more. Its funny. Most parents would give their right arm for their kid to read. Here I am reading like a crazed manic, and I don’t have reading material. (Don’t mention the “Big book place, with free rentals”) (Cause that’s what they all say to me. I getting sick of hearing it. The Big book place doesn’t carry the new stuff)
I’m so bored though. I want to go see “Pirates of the Caribbean” Or whatever it is. And I want to see the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. I don’t know why. I don’t really like going to movies. Too many people talk during them. Then there is the whole bathroom thing. Do they clean in there? Nasty as hell. Popcorn is way to salty. Soda is loaded with a ton of ice. I don’t really like ice. Who really cares? Not me?
I found I like Lupin 3rd. Its really funny. I don’t know why, its just funny. Fujiko, such a sweet girlie. Not that I would bring her home to mother. I wouldn’t bring her home in the first place. Considering she is a cartoon. Oh well it made sense at the moment. *Shrugs*
So far I wrote like 450 words! That’s a lot. To me it is. ‘Cause I didn’t really feel like writing. Then again 450 words, would make someone assume I liked to write, aimlessly about nothing or something. Isn’t that an interesting thought?
Speaking of thoughts, or lack of. I didn’t get my report card yet. I was kinda depressed. I guess I have to call the school. Been almost three weeks, or so since school left out. How long do you think it would take? Er.. I live 5 minutes away from school, so like I said, “How long would it take?” I hope I passed. It would be amazing if I did! Then I would be like.. “Dad, lookie I passed, buy me a damn car, ass muncher!” (Yes I would say that. I don’t know why.) That would be fun to do.
Cause I have nothing better to do. Seriously. I’m going to go read the “Heart of Myrial” Or something like that.

638 or so words.

P.S. The Harry Potter Book was flipping amazing. Read in 22 hours. Cause the family forced me to go out to eat. Hehe. I hate Percy now. I was true Percy fan, until now. Don’t know what I ever saw in him.

680 or so words

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07:23pm 20/06/2003
mood: refreshed
Today was generally good.
I'm going to the Harry Potter thing, at BN.
With my family.. Or Aunt and cousin... Oh well.
I hope to see Erin there. Cause that would be way cool!
Umm... Yea!

Life is getting better.
I'm adjusting.
I'm looking so forward to college.
So, its all good.

I love tormenting Steve.
He really deserves it.
Oh well.


Get my book tommorrow too 8am!
Dats da shitznat.

I decided I'm going blond. That's about it.

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10:33pm 19/06/2003
mood: anxious
I'm so bored. My copy of the Harry Potter book is in. Yippee. Only a few days left to wait. Ha! I'm really happy.

u.u That's about it.

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03:22am 18/06/2003
jutecat 84%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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11:40pm 17/06/2003
mood: blank
My brain is racked. Lol.
I like typing like this.
Because I write better, and it makes more sense.

I'm done with that. I'm really bored.
I have to cause havoc.
More later with the grippy detials.

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12:21am 17/06/2003
mood: bouncy

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